Dave's Bottling Company

Dave's Bottling Company has a filling machine that can be set to 8 ounces, twelve ounces or 24 ounces. The standard deviation of the fill volumes is supposed to be no more than .05 ounces. The production manager, Charlene Tibbs, is afraid the machine needs servicing and wants to test the production. The machine was set for 12 ounces and then produced 12,000 cans of Coca Cola Zero sugar. Charlene had the Quality Department take a random sample of 100 cans and carefully measure the volume of soda in each can. These data are in the file Dave's bottling, which is attached. Charlene asks you to provide her with:
1. A frequency distribution and histogram of the sample fill volumes.
2. Calculate the mean fill volume and the standard deviation of the fill volumes.

Do all your calculations and charts in Excel and title that file "YourNameExcelDavesBottling." In that document produce a report to Mrs. Tibbs that includes:
The frequency distribution and histogram of the data
The mean and standard deviation of the sample.

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