Regression Analysis in SPSS: Three Variables

Select at least three variables that you believe have a linear relationship specify which variable is dependent and which are independent collected data for these variables and describe your data collection techniques and why it was appropriate as well as why the sample size data submit the date collected by submitting the SPSS date file with your submission find the correlation coefficient see each of the possible. Of dependent and independent variables in describe the relationship in terms of strength and direction find a linear model of the relationship between the three variables of interest explain the validity of the model.

For this multiple regression study we select the three linearly related variables as GPA of the student, number of TV hours in a week and academic year of the student.

For this regression analysis, the dependent variable or response variable is given as GPA of the student while independent variables or predictors are selected as number of TV hours in a week and academic year of the student. We have to find the regression equation for the prediction of the GPA of the student based on the number of hours of TV and academic year of student. We use the simple random sampling method for the collection of the data. We randomly select the data for 40 students from the school record. We choose the sample size as 40. We know that if the sample size is too small, it results in the biased estimates and the regression equation based on date with small samples size is not helpful for further estimation. I need help with charting SPSS to finish this assignment

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