Bar Graph and Histogram Instructions

I have been attempting to do a bar graph and a histogram graph on the computer for a couple of days from the information below. I have tried all the on-line examples of how to make a graph and no luck. I am not computer literate at all. could you provide maybe a simple web-site or step by step instructions how to complete these graphs.

Here is the information that needs to be plotted on the bar-graph and histogram.

CDC estimates that 23 million cases of acute gastroenteritis are due to norovirus infection, and it is now thought that at least 50% of all food borne outbreaks of gastroenteritis can be attributed to noroviruses.

Among the 232 outbreaks of norovirus illness reported to CDC from July 1997 to June 2000, 57% were food borne, 16% were due to person-to-person spread, and 3% were waterborne; in 23% of outbreaks, the cause of transmission was not determined. In this study, common settings for outbreaks include restaurants and catered meals (36%), nursing homes (23%), schools (13%), and vacation settings or cruise ships (10%).

Most food borne outbreaks of norovirus illness are likely to arise though direct contamination of food by a food handler immediately before its consumption. Outbreaks have frequently been associated with consumption of cold foods, including various salads, sandwiches, and bakery products. Liquid items (e.g., salad dressing or cake icing) that allow virus to mix evenly are often implicated as a cause of outbreaks. Food can also be contaminated at its source, and oysters from contaminated waters have been associated with widespread outbreaks of gastroenteritis. Other foods, including raspberries and salads, have been contaminated before widespread distribution and subsequently caused extensive outbreaks.

Waterborne outbreaks of norovirus disease in community settings have often been caused by sewage contamination of wells and recreational water.

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