Level of Measurement, continuous or discrete variable, statistic or parameter

Decide which of the four levels of measurement (nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio) is most appropriate for the following examples:

1. the sample of spheres categorized form softest to hardest
2. survey responses of "good, better, best"
3. ages of survey respondents
4. the temperatures of eight different plastic spheres

Identify each example as continuous or discrete:

1. the average height of all freshman entering college in a certain year is 68.4 inches.
2. the number of stories in a Manhattan building is 22
3. the number of freshman entering college in a certain year is 621

Determine each example as a statistic or a parameter:

1. after inspecting all of 55,000 kg of met sored at the Wurst Sausage Company, it was found that 45,000kg of the meat was spoiled.
2. a sample of 120 employees of a company is selected and the average age is found to be 37yrs

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