Review of Linking Empowering Leadership to Creativity

Review of: Zhang, X., & Bartol, K. M. (2010). Linking Empowering Leadership and Employee Creativity: The Influence of Psychological Empowerment, Intrinsic Motivation, and Creative Process Engagement. Academy of Management Journal, 53(1), 107-128

1) Provide an outline of the paper. List all sections included in the paper.

2) What is the underlying problem, motivation or the driving force behind the research presented by the author(s)? Just cut and paste from the paper.

3) According to the author(s), why this study is important? Just cut and paste from the paper.

4) What is the Theoretical Model? Just cut and paste from paper.

5) Identify the major variables as well as the control variables being studied; fill out this table with all the variables, relationships and sources. Start from right to left. The first variable is filled out as an example:
(see the attachment)

6) What cited sources in this paper are the most influential? (cite three only)

7) What is the methodology used in this research?

8) Who were the participants? How was data collected? Just cut and paste from paper.

9) What are the hypotheses in this study? (just list them)

10) What is the level of analysis? Is it individual-level, group-level, organizational-level, societal-level? (For example, teams can be studied from the perspective of individuals that work in teams). Explain why.

11)Choose ONE of the hypotheses tested in the paper.
What is the hypothesis in which you are interested? Does your chosen hypothesis logically flow from the theory or was it picked out of thin air? (That is, what information do the author(s) present in support of your chosen hypothesis?

12) How was (were) the dependent and independent variable(s) in your parsed hypothesis measured? How were those variables measured (operationalized)? (Provide the questions used to measure the variables in your chosen hypothesis).

13) What was (were) the analytic statistic(s) used to test the degree of difference or association of your parsed hypothesis? What are the statistical results? Was the hypothesis supported? Why?

14) What is the main contribution of this paper?

15) What did you like the most of this paper?

16) What would you suggest to the author(s) to improve in their paper?

17) Note any other aspects of the paper that you feel important enough to mention after your evaluation.

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