Run the SEM model described in the figure below using the enclosed dataset (npcdata.sav).

In 1999, NPC Research Inc. conducted a school survey of over 2,000 students in Oregon. The survey included
questions about drug and alcohol use, and also questions about the student's perceptions of his or her neighborhood.

Responses to the following items were on a 4-point scale(0=NO! 1=no 2=yes 4=YES!).

1. Construct and estimate the model in AMOS.
2. What are the fit indices? Are they good?
3. What are the path coefficients between latent variables? Are they significant?
4. What is the explained variance in the endogenous constructs? (those constructs which have at least one predictor)?
5. Draw a diagram of the model with the path coefficients and explained variances included.
6. What is the highest modification index? What does it tell us?

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