Statistics: Mean, Mode, and Median

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1.Consider a sample with data values of 10, 20, 12, 17, and 16. Compute the mean and median.

5. The Dow Jones Travel Index reported what business travelers pay for hotel rooms per night in major US cities (The Wall Street Journal, January 16, 2004). The hotel room rates for 20 cities are as follows.

A. What is the mean hotel room rate?
B. What is the median hotel room rate?
C. What is the mode?
D. What is the first quartile?
E. What is the third quartile?

Please see excel file name Problem 5 hotels

9. Media Matrix collected data showing the most popular Web sties when browsing at home and at work (Business 2.0 January 2000). The following data show the number of unique visitors (thousands) for the top 25 web sites when browsing at home.

A. Compute the mean and median
B. Do you think it would be better to use or the median as the measure of central location for these date? Explain
C. Compute the first and third quartiles.
D. Compute and interpret the 85th percentile.

Please see excel file name Problem 9. websites

11. In automobile mileage and gasoline-consumption testing. 13 automobiles were road tested for 300 miles in both city and highway driving conditions. The following data were recorded for miles-per-gallon performance.

Use the mean, median, and mode to make a statement about the difference in performance for city and highway driving.

Please see excel file name Problem 11 MPG

13. Consider a sample with data values of 10, 20, 12, 17, and 16. Compute the range and interquartile range.

21. How do grocery cost compare across the country? Using a market basket of 10 items including meat, milk, bread, eggs, coffee, potatoes, cereal, and orange juices, Where to retire magazine calculated the cost of the market basket in six cities and in six retirement areas across the country ( Where to Retire, November/December 2003). The data with the market basket cost to the nearest dollar are as follows:

City Cost $ Retirement Area Cost ($)
Buffalo, NY 33 Biloxi-Gulfport, Ms 29
Des Moines, IA 27 Asheville, NC 32
Hartford, CT 32 Flagstaff, AZ 32
Los Angeles, CA 38 Hilton Heads, SC 34
Miami, FL 36 Fort Myers, FL 34
Pittsburgh, PA 32 Santa Fe, Nm 31

A. compute the mean, variance, and standard deviation for the sample of cities and the sample of retirement of retirement areas.

B. What observations can be based on the two samples?

25. Consider a sample with data values of 10, 20, 12, 17, and 16. Compute the z-score for each of the five observations.

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