Counting, distribution, paired sample and bi-variate data

If you toss a die twice, what is the sample space if you want to restrict the results to only the ones where adding the results of the two throws together equals seven? For example, if you get 1 on the first toss and 6 on the second toss these two tosses meet the criteria.

Which statistics distributions are based on the normal curve?

Which of the following are functions with x denoting the independent variable and y denoting the dependent variable? Choose all that apply.
A. y = f(x)
B. x = f(y)
C. y = a + bx

Which statement(s) is/are false about the Chi Square distribution?
A. As the degrees of freedom increases, the Chi Square distribution approaches a normal distribution.
B. The chi-square distribution is always right skewed, regardless of the value of the degrees of freedom parameter.
C. The chi-square statistic is always positive.
D. As the degrees of freedom increases, the shape of the chi-square distribution becomes more skewed.

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