MKG 350 Data Analysis: Gender and Online Review Frequency

You should be able to answer them without worry too much about the survey itself—just find the corresponding variables to what I'm asking.

1. Do males and females appear to use online reviews at different frequency levels?
2. For the total data set, what measures should you use to examine the central tendency and variability of subjects' expectation for an average entrée item's price? What are the values for those (central tendency and variability)?
3. Which preference variable(s) (of the 10 that start with "Prefer...) are significantly correlated with family size? How do you know that? What direction and how strong is/are the correlation(s)?
4. Which income levels appear to be the most likely to patronize this new restaurant? What income levels would you target, and why?
5. At a 95% confidence level, what's the confidence interval for the mean of how much married subjects spend in one month?

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