PPG & MPG: correlation coefficient, competing hypothesis, value

The following table lists the National Basketball Association's leading scorers, their average points per game (PPG), and their average minutes per game (MPG) for 2008; the data are also available on the text website, labeled Points.
D. Wade 30.2 38.6
L. James 28.4 37.7
K. Bryant 26.8 36.1
D. Nowitzki 25.9 37.3
D. Granger 25.8 36.2
K Durant 25.3 39.0
C. Paul 22.8 38.5
C. Anthony 22.8 34.5
C. Bosh 22.7 38.0
B. Roy 22.6 37.2
A.) Calculate and interpret the sample correlation coefficient between PPG and MPG
B.) Specify the competing hypothesis in order to determine whether the population correlation between PPG and MPG is positive
C.) Calculate the value of the test statistic and corresponding p-value
D.)At the 5% significance level, what is the conclusion to the test? Is the test surprising? Explain

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