Testing a claim using a mean weight, standard deviation and confidence levels.

A vendor sells turkeys to a restaurant chain. He claims that the mean weight of the turkeys is more than 15 pounds. A sample of 16 turkeys yields a mean of weight of 14 pounds and a standard deviation of 4 pounds. At a significance level of 0.05 shall we reject the vendor's claim? Set up the Hypothesis test in "standard form" and then carry out the test:

<br>1. Lower limit = M - t*s
<br>2. Upper limit = M + t*s
<br>3. Confidence interval of the mean is (M - t*s, M + t*s)

<br>Finally, if m falls within the interval (M - t*s, M + t*s), we can accept H0; if not, we reject it.

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... 95% of the area should be above 15. Taking the T distribution value from tables;
<br><br> t(0.05)= ...