Keys, Marbles and Class

1) You carry five keys in your pocket, two of which are for the two locks on your front door. You lose one key. What is the probability that you can get into your house through the front door? (Enter your answer as a fraction.)

2) Use the given values to find the following. (Enter your answers as fractions.)

P(A) = 0.6,
P(B) = 0.4,
P(A ∩ B) = 0.3
(a) P(A given B)
(b) P(B given A)

3) A box contains 5 white, 3 red, and 4 black marbles. One marble is chosen at random, and it is not black. Find the probability that it is white. (Enter your answer as a fraction.)

4) Two students are registered for the same class and attend independently of each other, student A 70% of the time and student B 60% of the time. The teacher remembers that on a given day at least one of them is in class. What is the probability that student A was in class that day? (Round your answer to three decimal places.)

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