Forensic Anthropology: Definition, Fields

Delineate the major fields of anthropology as well as their sub-fields. interest is forensic anthropology. Based on what you've learned about the four major fields thus far, which sub-discipline do you find most interesting and why?

Article Reviews for Anthropology

(1)The Tall and the Short of It By Barry Bogin (2)Teaching Theories: The Evolution- Creation Controversy By Robert Root-Bernstein Donald L. McEachron Robert Root-Bernstein (3)Great Mysteries of Human Evolution ... By Carl Zimmer (4) A New Kind of Ancestor: Ardipithecus Unveiled. By Ann Gi...

The Importance of Nubian (Kush) Pyramids

Please help with the following archaeology problem. Include references as part of your answer. Describe the importance of saving the Kush pyramids in Africa.

Islamic Art

This solution briefly examines why the presentation of human and animal figures are strictly forbidden in Islamic art.

Archaeology article summary

Archaeology article summary & abstract. I need help in putting together a summary of an Egyptology article. Thank you.