Buddhism and Suffering

So the Buddha said that all life is suffering. Does this mean we are miserable all the time? How does he explain our moments of joy? I'm not clear on that. If not—if we are sometimes happy—then how can he say that "all life is suffering?" Please help me understand this. Thanks

Tolstoy and Descartes: Illych's Dualism

I have to write a report and this is the last section. I need 3-4 paragraphs for this section and I have only 2. I wrote about the obvious.. that Ivan was questioning the meaning of life because he lived so well yet was miserable, and lived for himself which in the end he understood that was not liv...

Meaning of life

What is the meaning of life? This is, surely, the ultimate philosophical question. We are here. We spend our days making a living, having a little fun and feeling some pain, meeting people with backgrounds different from our own, caring for some of them, and loving a few. Then we die. How can we mak...

Comparing and Contrasting Viewpoints of Reality

This discussion is comparing and contrasting the rationalist, empiricist, scholastic, and associationist viewpoints of reality and describing how they interpret reality. 1) What are your thoughts on the content of this discussion below. How does this person interpret reality? Do you agree or di...

Developing a Philosophy

Develop a philosophy. It should contain: A. An introduction and thesis B. Body: metaphysics, epistemology, axiology and praxis C. Conclusion: TAR the text

Epistemological Perspective

This is a question in preparation for my dissertation: What is knowledge? How is knowledge acquired? How do we know what we know? Is it possible to have knowledge at all? In what ways does the choice of an epistemological perspective or stance influence the formulation of a management research...

Basic assumptions in Plato's Allegory of the Cave are demonstrated.

Locate and give a synopsis in an article published in the last 5 years that discusses a philosopher or a school of philosophy. What were the basic assumptions? Do these basic assumptions align with your values? If you look at your religious or spiritual views as a philosophy of life, do the basic as...

Plato's cave, the Five of Aquinas and existentialism

1. Summarize Plato's story of the Cave. (Found in the Republic) 2. Explain the Five of Aquinas. 3. Discuss Existentialism, noting 3 major Philosophers who subscribed to the view. (Soren Kierkegaard, Martin Heidegger,Jean Paul Sartre). I have the Big Questions by Robert Solomon textbook.

Pre-Socratic philosophers are summarized.

Please assist with the following: Based on Aristotle's science of the first philosophy, analyze how Aristotle's metaphysics may guide contemporary people to knowledge about the world. Briefly evaluate how you use either or both of the methods in your own life. Briefly explain how Plato an...

Example of the law of noncontraction

I need help on the law of non-contraction exploring a personal daily struggle and the challenges posted to my beliefs and decisions. I am trying to understand the law so I can write about a personal daily struggle that is an example of this law of non-contradiction.

5 ways of interpreting the meaning of life

Discuss briefly 5 ways of interpreting the meaning of life. These are the five meanings: life as a story life as a mission life as learning life as a relationship life as a investment

Metaphysical Pluralism as a Plausible Position

Is metaphysical pluralism a plausible position? What is an example of a personal daily struggle that is an example of the law of non contradiction and the challenges posed to the personal beliefs and decisions?

Star Trek/Metaphysics

Any ideas or thoughts on this would be appreciated. I've read the textbook and am just overwhelmed with all the information. I'm just not sure how to get started. Science fiction literature often raises philosophical issues and is a great source for philosophical speculation. This is especially...

Using a Philosophical Mindset

I've learned today about a Philosophical Mindset which is: PHILOSOPHICAL MINDSET: An attitude or approach to life that involves the critical examination of beliefs to ascertain what they mean, if they are true, and what value they have. I have to elaborate using a philosophical mindset on the...

Philosophy of life meanings

What is the meaning of life? What values do life have? What ethical standards are important in life? In addition to answering the questions, please provide a personal experience/outlook on what life means.

Plato's allegory of the cave

8. In Plato's allegory of the cave, you encounter one of the most powerful philosophical ways to deal with the problem of reality. Give a brief account of the allegory, explaining the main symbols and their meanings. Explain how this allegory allows you to deal with problem of reality, and develop y...

Plato's Republic

In Plato's book, The Republic, How does Glaucon's story of Gyges' ring relate to Thracymachus' challenge and add to it?