Understanding How to Change Racism Socially

1. What is racism? How does it affect the world? 2. What needs to change and why? 3. What would be the best course of action for making changes? 4. What specifically needs to be done? 5. What are some positive productive changes in order to setup a plan of action? 6. What are the difficulties/h...

Changes to the American Family and Marriage

Why is the family considered the most important agent of socialization? What caused the dramatic changes to the American family? What are those changes? Describe the differences in marriage and family life that are linked to class, race, gender, and personal choice. Do you feel the trend towards...

Virtual Leaders: Notes and References

What challenges might the leader of a virtual organization face in accounting for the effects of social culture and diversity when critiquing organizational behavior compared to a leader in a face-to-face organization?

Maintaining Native American Tradition

How do Native American's keep their traditions alive? Imagine you are a Native American. What could you do to keep your traditions alive? How can you keep your own family traditions alive?

Importance of Socialization in History

1. What do the case histories of Isabelle and Genie tell us about the importance of socialization? What do the twin studies tell us about the nature versus nurture argument? 2. How do the studies of animals raised in isolation support the importance of socialization on development? 3. ...

Impression Management and Socialization

1. How can Erving Goffman's conceptualization of impression management be used to understand social behavior? Give a detailed example. 2. Define and offer an example you have observed of impression management and facework. How do college students use impression management after examination...

Social Capital and Technology

In social capital and and in light of today's technology, a person can use online technologies in order to gain access to information about available career opportunities, inclusive of research and employment options. Indeed, the speed of today's technology allows for active participation. Should th...

Strategies to effectively communicate

Advertising, marketing, and public relations convey a certain message to a certain public. Discuss strategies to effectively communicate your message via public speaking to your audience.

Prejudice and Media

Please help with the following problem: How do claims of media prejudice and discrimination affect society, and what is meant by the term "society?" What ethical issues are raised by these claims?

Marriage and Family

I need help in answering these questions on marriage and family: 1. Suppose that you were faced with a decision about an unplanned pregnancy. Explain the process that you would use to choose knowledgeably as explained in your text. Include in your discussion the major components of knowledgeable d...

Perspective of exchange theory and family development theory

Choose 1 and Respond please for me to build on thanks Choose 1 Prompt 1- Considering the 5 marriages we saw in Mi Familia. Did they all conform to the perspective of Exchange Theory? Describe how each marriage conformed or did not conform. Prompt 2 - How does the film support the Family Develop...

Crisis in families, abuse, support

Summarize what research tells us about each of the following: males as spouse abusers and males as victims of spouse abuse What are crisis-meeting resources? Give an example of each of the three different types of stressors. How could each of your examples use a type of resource to prevent or man...

Operational audit and employee theft

Why is an operational audit (OA) complementary to, and necessary for, a quality security risk management program? Identify and discuss at least two procedural controls for decreasing the incidence of employee theft. Discuss security's role in labor disputes.

Interview about communications

Provided an example of a crises you experienced. Without disclosing names, explain the crisis and what transpired. Explain a crisis and what transpired. . Interview Questions: Please tell me about a crisis that occurred in your family. How long ago did that happen? Tell me about commun...

Prisons and schools, policies and procedures

We could say that both schools and prisons have a primary goal of controlling people, with different motivators and different expected outcomes (for sure!). However, what could be some of the similarities in policies and procedures? Would there be any?

Work and Family Diversity

Explain and give an example of role reversal in a family. What are the expectations of each gender? How does that change or shape the family?

Parenting style scenarios

Review the different parenting styles in the text. With which parenting style are you familiar? Give an example of a situation, the discipline, and relate that event to a parenting style

The First Years of Marriage

There tends to be a higher level of marital satisfaction during the first years of marriage. Reasons that may be a contributing factor to satisfaction might include similarities in a couple's roles, tasks, and experiences. Later in a marriage, there seems to be a gradual decline. Explain one problem...

Relationships and Commitment

Why is it difficult for some people to make a commitment to a relationship? What would it take for a person to make a true commitment?

Intimate Partner Violence

How has Intimate partner violence effected American house holds? How does it effect the individuals living in the home?

Social Biases

Social Biases Prepare a response in which you analyze the concept of social bias. As a part of your analysis, address the following items: 1) Define and explain the concepts of prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination. 2) Explain the differences between subtle and blatant bias. 3) Describ...

Self: Feeling, Gender, Humor

Please discuss the presentation of self. It is focused on the influences of feeling, gender, and humor. Also, please include the role of the family, schools, and peer groups and their influences on the presentation of self.

Social Change and Direction Actions

Hello, I have been reading and studying a lot of different works from different sociologists on the topic of social change. I'm a little confused on what the message of the readings are and wanted to try and gain a clearer understanding. My main question is; from the standpoint of social chan...

Thinking differently regarding social and cultural norms

Sometimes we get "stuck" into a certain way of thinking and problem solving based on social and cultural norms. Some years ago, I purchased homemade soap from a friend of mine. When I went to her house to pick it up, I saw that she had saved a great deal of the soap shavings and placed them in z...