Evaluation of Changes to Anti-Discrimination Law

Reflecting about how the significant changes in Federal anti-discrimination law occurring since 1990 have had an impact in employees and organizations. For example, are these anti-discrimination laws providing more protections for employees such as preventing sexual harassment or more opportunities in organizations for the disabled? Are these anti-discrimination laws changing the culture of organizations so that there is more tolerance of individual employee differences? What have been the impacts of these changes? Explain why these changes are or are not necessary for gaining a competitive advantage in a global economy.

Discounting Discrimination: Dukes v Wal-Mart Proves that Yesterday's Civil Rights Laws Can't Keep up with Today's Economy
by Richard Thompson Ford on June 25, 2011

Employment Discrimination Class Actions After Wal-Mart v Dukes
by Michael Selmi and Sylvia Tsakos

Removing Categorical Constraints on Equal Employment Opportunities and Anti-Discrimination Protections
by Anastasia Niedrich

The Importance of Anti-discrimination and Workers' Compensation Laws on the Provision of Workplace Accommodations Following the Onset of a Disability
by Richard V. Burkhauser, Maximilian D. Schmeiser, And Robert R. Weathers II

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