Agile Manifesto + Four Fundamental Principles

Unit testing is the driving technology behind a software design technique termed Test Driven Development (TDD), which, in turn, is a component of the agile school of software development. In February of 2001, 17 thought leaders in object-orientation and software development got together in Snowbird, Utah, to discuss fundamental principles of agile software development. The principle outcome of that meeting has become the agile manifesto. Search the Web for material on the agile manifesto (amongst other places, a good starting point is You will see that the manifesto espouses four fundamental principles. With reference to test-driven development, give your thoughts on these guiding principles of the agile manifesto. Why do you think the drafters of the agile manifesto emphasized some aspects of software development over others (e.g. individuals and interactions over processes and tools)?

(Provide references to the work and add a personal conclusion.

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