Database management software to help an organization

Can you answer these two questions? 1. Discuss at least two different ways that database management software like Microsoft® Access® can help an organization avoid or reduce data-quality problems mentioned in the article. 2. In today's business environment there needs to be a convergence be...

Difference between brainstorming and the Delphi Technique

What is the difference between using brainstorming and the Delphi Technique for risk identification? What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of each approach? Describe the contents of a risk register and how the register is used in several risk management processes.

Electronic Data Interchange

Do you think that standards will be reached and accepted to improve Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)? Why or why not? What needs to happen in order for standards to be accepted?Ê Is XML going to help in this arena? Will we ever be able to go to completely paperless transactions and is it a good id...

Introducing Powerpoint

You have been asked to help new students out with the many new and exciting issues surrounding online education at AIU. For example, the Virtual Campus has many exciting and important features to enhance your learning experience that new students need to know about. This includes online multimedia...

Run shell and UNIX

Copy the following shell that completes the following: #!/bin/bash echo Select a country from the following list: echo America, Italy, France, Germany read country case $country in [Aa]merica ) echo Ford; echo Perhpas;; [Ii]taly ) echo Ferarri;echo no;; [Ff]rance ) ec...

Most Importance Phase

Drawing upon your knowledge of software development, which process-requirements, design, coding or testing, which do you think has more impact on the overall success and quality of development? Explain your answer.

An eBusiness Example

Please help with the following problem. Find an example of an eBusiness on the Internet. Provide a link to that business and a one-paragraph summary as to its focus. Give an analysis as to whether you think this business will excel, succeed adequately, barely get by, probably fail or definitely ...

Advantages and Disadvantages of COTS

What are the advantages and disadvantages to using COTS (Commercial Off-the-Shelf) software versus writing your own software within a company environment? Give some examples of problems you have had.

Open Source Competitor Software

1. Will commercial software manufacturers be justified in raising their prices to make up for revenue lost to open source competitors? Do you think that strategy would be effective? 2. Do you think open source software will have a positive or negative impact on the quality of software available ...

Flat Line Database

Can you please answer the following two questions to help me study for my test. Thanks 1. If your organization was going to design a database and the developers told you they were going to use a flat file database instead of a relational or object oriented one, what would you say to them? 2. ...

SDLC question

What competitive advantage will you gain by establishing SDLC and following rigid processes and procedures? List your response in bulleted format and provide details for each.

System Analysis and Design

I need help in answering these question with short answers. 1. how realistic is it for a company to be at optimizing level of Capability Maturity Model (CMM)? 2 Is it really essential for every software company to be CMM compliant or certified?

The Design Phase

1. Is a project that is on time and on budget a successful project? Why or why not? How do we determine that a project is successful? In 200 words. 2. Often projects have a disconnect between executive sponsorship and end- users who rarely commit the anticipated time for project efforts. provi...

Software engineering - Quality Assurance Aspect

Hi, I need assistance in writing on the following problem please. Using a commercial software package as an example, discuss which properties could be verified and which properties could be validated. Give one example to illustrate that some properties that can only be validated originally can b...

Diffie-Hellman cryptography

Suppose that users Alice and Bob carry out the Diffie-Hellman key agreement protocol with p = 50147 and g = 5. Suppose that Alice chooses x = 1367 and Bob chooses y = 3789. Show the computations performed by both Alice and Bob, and determine the key that they will share.


Is project planning needed in an Extreme Programming (XP) project? Why or why not? A good tutorial outlining XP will be found at: . 2 to 3 pages with reference.

Project Management System

List the personal and professional characteristics necessary to be an effective project manager. What characteristics are learnable?

Digital Camera/Software

I was thinking about buying a new digital camera. Could someone direct me on what software I should buy? What additional questions should I ask before making a purchase? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

Linux shell script to compute student grades

Create a shell script to run on Knoppix/Linux, that will compute and display the letter grades for the students based on the average of 4 test scores. Letter grade is computed from average score using following scale: 90 to 100 : grade "A" 80 to 89 : grade "B" 70 to 79 : grade "C" 65 to 69...

Video and Animation

Design (just storyboard, don't actually create it unless you want to get ahead) a short video clip on some topic from your chosen multimedia project. Do the same for a short 3D animation using Blender on a different topic. Note: animated banners or similar are NOT adequate. Use PowerPoint to provid...


Describing the steps involved in downlanding files and programs from the Internet. Include a personal experience in which you have downloaded freeware,shareware, or licensed software.What are the advantages and disadvantages of downloading software from the Internet.

Principles of Marketing

The seminar uses Linux as an example of a company that understands competitive positioning. How can companies offering "free" products (e.g., Linux, Netscape) make money from these products? How can other companies compete with these fast-rising standard products?

Implementation Phase

How can a project manager be sure that he or she has chosen the correct metrics to assess project performances? Give three examples?

My short software program does not end correctly; Cannot locate error

Program executes correctly when the programmers I work with run it through their compliers. I'm using miracle c complier for class and I cannot locate the problem that causes my problem. At the end of this code it should say: "press enter to exit" Instead it states: "press enter to exit" and t...