Effective human resource management policy and practice

"Skills deemed to be necessary for employees include the academic basics, including proficiency in reading, writing and computation; self-management skills, such as self-esteem, motivation, goal-setting ability, and a willingness to participate in career development activities; social skills, such as interpersonal, negotiation, and teamwork skills; communication skills, such as the ability to listen and communicate clearly; and influencing skills or leadership abilities."

Do you think that all of these skills are essential for current and future employees to possess for the organization to be successful? Yes, no or sometimes and why?

Please provide resources as I will need to further explore the concepts.

Thank you.

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...the organization to ensure key gaps are filled where current ones may exist (Garff, 2012). As increasing demands are placed on employees, there will be skills that are needed that have in the past been considered non essential. The advancement of technology in the workplace and the increasing emphasis on team based work systems driven by lean principles that demand comprehension and cohesion make the demand for multi skilled employees more important to the HR strategy than ever before (Harris, 2011).

It is not realistic to believe every one of these skills is going to be found in ...