Intervention based on a Functional Behavioral Assessment

I need an expert who can help me to develop these project:
Design an intervention based on a Functional Behavioral Assessment and explain how the intervention will be implemented and evaluated.

1) Based on the function of the behavior you identified in Part 1, design an intervention for your student. This intervention may include teaching the student the replacement behavior you defined in Part 1.

2) Define the steps you will take to maximize the student's success.

3)Identify any changes you will make to remove potential triggers for the unwanted behavior.

4)Explain how you will ensure that the intervention and subsequent consequences are implemented consistently.

5)Describe any steps you will take to involve the student's family and/or colleagues or other professionals in your school or district.

6)Implement and evaluate the intervention. While you will not have enough time during this week to effectively implement, monitor, and evaluate your intervention, describe how you will evaluate the success of your intervention.

5)What types of milestones will you look for? What kinds of data will you collect?

6) How will you determine whether your intervention is working or if it should be revised?

7) What is your timeline for evaluating your student's success?

These are my notes:


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