Critical Issues in Criminal Justice System

Research and analyze a major national-level street gang, such as MS-13 or the Bloods. Describe the challenges such gangs present to law enforcement. Also, analyze how theories such as social disorganization and strain theory describe factors that lead juveniles to join such gangs.

Another key issue is the use of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) evidence to exonerate wrongfully-convicted offenders. Advances in technology in recent years have allowed investigators to use old crime scene evidence to prove the evidence of some death-row inmates. Describe the efforts being made by citizens outside the criminal justice system to ensure that innocent people are not wrongfully executed. Be sure to include the "Innocence Project."

The above issue raises the question of how innocent men and women might have been convicted in the first place. Analyze and discuss the most common causes of wrongful convictions.

Examine a post-9/11 critical issue that corresponds to your area of interest. Once you have selected an issue:
How the community influences this issue?
Are the lawmakers and politicians addressing the issue appropriately?
Have any improvements been made in recent years?

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