Electron Trapped in Infinite Potential Well

Hi, I've attached a homework problem I need help with as a JPEG picture file. I've done a few slightly easier ones before, and I'm about to try doing this one, but I still make stupid mistakes that I don't catch and would appreciate your help with the problem. Thank you very much!

1. An electron is trapped in an infinite potential well with L = 2nm. Suppose the wave function of the electron is given: (see attachment for wave function)

a. What is the value of N so that the wave function is normalized. What is its units?
b. If we make an energy measurement, what are the probabilities we will find the electron in the ground state (n=1) and the first excited state (n=2)
c. (Extra credit) What is the probability that the electron is in the nth state?
d. What is the average energy of the electron.

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