Introduction and Literature Review

Select a family related issue (i.e. substance abuse, domestic violence, military deployment) and locate an existing program in Texas that addresses this issue. In order to identify a program within your community, do an internet search for marriage and family counseling/therapy programs. Then, write an introduction to the program evaluation proposal and conduct a literature review.

The Introduction and Literature review should:

Identify and describe the program you will be evaluating.
Identify how you would contact the program.
Identify the stakeholders, their roles, and how they will benefit from this evaluation.
Identify specific cultural and ethnically sensitive topics that should be addressed when designing an evaluation method for the program.

Describe and identify what ethical and legal standards should be considered.

Draw conclusions from literature review findings and their implications for the counseling profession.

Communicate in a professional manner using scholarly resources that support the analysis through clear, concise, well-organized, and grammatically correct writing that incorporates appropriate APA style conventions.

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...Center (HWAC), which was later incorporated. The facility was later expanded (1979) to house 19 women and children from abused conditions (
In this review, the recent HWAC's program lists l, 000 active volunteers, and a paid staff of 115 making up the organizational structure including: a counseling center; administrative building; and a residential center housing 120 women and children. The center also includes a "state-of-the-art hotline call center". Information on the health center includes the yearly training of HWAC staff involving: medical and law enforcement; mental health and legal professionals; university students; education, community leaders; and advocates and volunteers (
The HAWC program also provides shelter accommodations for clients that include Individual/Group Counseling services for women, youth and children; Career Development Programs, (e.g., skills assessment and training); career planning financial assistance for education; advocacy, resources (individual and weekly meetings); and referrals provided during individual appointments; and Women's and Children's Libraries. There are pleasant amenities for the client's pleasure and benefit. The shelter facilities reflect a bench-lined courtyard garden with a covered age-appropriate play area. Clients are treated to three nutritious meals each day. Educational opportunities are readily available including: onsite early childhood education; Houston Independent School District classes; Parenting education classes; Children's Enrichment programs that provide after school education, field trips and special events (
The HWAC program also focuses on training, and offers several challenging unpaid internships to provide interested applicants with hands-on experience working with victims of domestic violence. The ongoing objective assessment of the progress of the program is conducted through the training and maintaining of skills.
(2) Identify how you would contact the program.
The HWAC program's website encourages anyone in an abusive relationship, or know someone who is in an abusive relation to contact the center. They provide three sources of contact .information including: the Domestic hotline at 713-528-2121; clicking the following link for information at; or contact the Houston Area Women' Health Center, 1010 Waugh Drive, Houston, TX 77019. The interested person is also invited to learn more about the center's services by calling the hotline.

(3) Identify the stakeholders, their roles, and how they will benefit from this evaluation.
Stakeholders would include anyone associated with the health care and welfare of an abused person such as medical personnel, who may treat injuries of potentially abused patients, social workers who provide services to aid clients in finding resources including living arrangements, food, and other social resources. ...