Sociological approaches to gender and media

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While the media may try to communicate a message of non-bias when it comes to gender in advertising, there is still a significant amount of information that communicates the exact opposite. Identify the different sociological approaches when it comes to gender and research, and then find these examples in advertising and the media. Why do you think this still occurs in the United States? Describe the different examples you found and how they apply to the sociological perspective.

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...n and women. Some believe that the media is not as powerful as it appears to be.

A guiding question: Is gender a social construction (something created by the social environment)? Since media plays quite a large role in the social environment, can we say that it holds enough power to construct gender and/or identities?

When I think of the above questions, I immediately think of commercials and the roles of men and women in those commercials. Automobile commercials are dominated by men, however, both men and women drive vehicles. In commercials that have to do with quick breakfast options, there are usually moms hustling and bustling with their children, however, there is an increase of stay-at-home fathers or fathers who are responsible for providing meals for their children.

And, why are female pageants so widely aired, however, male pageants are only aired in their local stations?

Remember that "gender" and "sex" are different. Gender refers to the socially defined characteristics of what it means to be feminine and masculine. Sex refers to the biological differences between being male and female.

Gender differences are also a central feature within the social system of patriarchy as well as in class systems. The reality of men and women and their roles in society have ...